Is there anyone interested in camping at the Ordinariate’s pilgrimage to Walsingham at the end of June?

We received an eMail today with an interesting proposition:

I am a member of the Ordinariate of OLW. I wonder if you would be interested in putting out a brief appeal on the Expats website for those interested in camping over the evening of 26th and/or 27th June near Walsingham, for the annual Ordinariate pilgrimage on 27th June?

1294173489My wife and I and our three young children are going to take the tent and stay over (definitely 26th night, possibly 27th also). There is a campsite at a village just a few miles from Walsingham, with the very lively name of Little Snoring. I wonder if anyone else – families or campers – who are going to the pilgrimage might be interested in coming along and making it a semi-communal occasion? If there was anyone so minded, they could e-mail to say if they were intending to stay 26th, 27th, or both, and there might be scope for arranging something fun for the Friday or Saturday evening, and perhaps Mattins for Saturday morning, something like that.

I realise that this doesn’t give people much notice – but perhaps it might be something to think about for future years even if no-one is able to join up this year. ….


Timothy Graham.

Timothy would be grateful if you could contact him at if you are interested in his suggestion. Perhaps Timothy could then write us a short report after the event to let us know what happened – preferably with some photos!

Go on, get in touch!!

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