Just a reminder

I am getting excited because more and more people are writing to us with news about their Ordinariate group or with requests to advertise some event. That’s the way we like it.

  • Fr. Maunder of St. Agatha’s, Portsmouth, would like us to remind readers about the Vestments exhibition which is beginning at St. Agatha’s this coming Friday. He writes:

The exhibition starts on Friday – and we do need the publicity, given that many people in England follow your site with interest. The Abbot of Farnborough will be at the opening as well as the Ordinary and other clergy. You may be interested to know that I celebrated the Ordinariate Rite at a Mass offered in the Abbey church.

We hope that the event will draw attention to the Ordinariate and St Agatha’s – the only Ordinariate church in the land (and one of the few to maintain Anglican Patrimony with the exclusive use of the Ordinariate Rite) as well as the vestment collection which rates as one of the best in England.


Fr John D Maunder


  • And then there is the Spirit in the City Festival in Soho, London, from Wednesday 10th June to Saturday 13th June. Don’t forget that Thursday’s events are at Our Lady of the Assumption and St, Gregory, Warwick Street, beginning with Mass at 12.15 followed by Eucharistic Adoration.


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One Response to Just a reminder

  1. Jerome says:

    I follow your news from Argentina. Here Anglicans are very few and liberal, but I’d love to have a local Anglican Use parish. I wish you the best.

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