New Ordinariate Banner in Manchester

It is fitting that this week – as St Agatha’s in Portsmouth are celebrating their embroidery exhibition – we are introduced to the new banner of St. Raphael’s Ordinariate Mission in Manchester. It has been painstakingly embroidered in cross stitch by group member Sandra Modric in memory of her son, Philip, and depicts Our Lady of Walsingham, the titular patroness of the Ordinariate.

10661780_401852236668564_5507407355039233476_oThe banner was blessed at Evensong on 14th June by the group’s pastor, Father Andrew Starkie, who is one of the Ordinariate priests who consistently wears his traditional English choir dress, which if nothing else automatically gives him a visual distinctiveness. In a similar way the Eastern Rite Catholic churches always wear their Byzantine vestments.

Members of the Manchester Mission will carry the new banner to the National Ordinariate pilgrimage to Walsingham on 27th June.

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One Response to New Ordinariate Banner in Manchester

  1. Jerome says:

    Great that he’s preserving the traditional choir dress. That’s what the Ordinariate is about!

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