New icon of Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Fr. Stephen Hill OLSC has made us aware of a newly commissioned icon for the Australian Ordinariate:

Ordinariate commissions icon of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross has commissioned world-renowned iconographer Michael Galovic to create an Icon of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

The completed icon will hang in the principal church of the Ordinariate, the Parish of St Ninian & St Chad in Perth, Western Australia.

The intent is to create a unique icon which can immediately be associated with the Ordinariate.

Hunter / Newcastle region Ordinariate Community in Formation priest Fr Stephen Hill recently visited Mr Galovic in order to discuss the final design for the icon prior to its commencement.

“The reality is that these days image and branding matters,” Fr Hill said. “So Monsignor Entwistle, our Ordinary, decided that we needed to create something that was both an object of devotion and something that we could truly call our own rather than borrowing things from other sources.”

Here Mr Galovic is photographed explaining the process of creating an icon to Fr Hill.

It is envisaged the icon will be completed in December.

Fr Stephen Hill and icon painter Michael Galovic

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3 Responses to New icon of Our Lady of the Southern Cross

  1. EPMS says:

    Good news, I hope. Painting of Mary and Jesus I have frequently seen associated with OLSC is sentimental Christmas Card art, IMHO. Samples of Michael Galovic’s work at his website seem to be of a completely different order.

  2. Fr Stephen says:

    EPMS. I believe the “sentimental Christmas Card” art you are referring to is the painting of Our Lady of the Southern Cross by Paul Newton that was commissioned for World Youth Day in 2008, which hangs in St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, and which was so incredibly popular in Australia that a second version was commissioned to hang in the Domus Australia chapel in Rome.

  3. EPMS says:

    Yes, as Andy Warhol said of the paintings of Margaret Keane, subject of the movie Big Eyes, “Her painting has to be good, otherwise so many people wouldn’t like it.”

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