Fr. Simon Chinery to take over as pastor of the Hemel Hempstead Ordinariate Mission on 11th October 2015

Great news for the Hemel Hempstead group. Their patience and endurance is to be rewarded.

This Ordinariate group which has been without a regular pastor for so long now and has shown its perseverance in keeping alive a regular service schedule with Mass, Holy Hour and Benediction celebrated by a wide variety of Ordinariate priests (including our own Fr. Scott Anderson) who have spent hours on the road to  keep the flame burning until a new pastor could be found.

That day has now arrived. Father Simon Chinery (seen here concelebrating with his Ordinary, Mgr. Keith Newton),

Simon Chinery concelebrates with the Ordinaryuntil now parish priest of the diocesan parish of  Our Lady of the Angels, Saltash, Cornwall, in the diocese of Plymouth will be taking over as pastor in Hemel Hempstead on 11th October.

He and his wife Jean will be able to move into the 3-bedroom presbytery which the Ordinariate group have bought for their pastor.

Some time ago Jean kindly gave us a run-down on the situation in Cornwall, which they are now leaving, hopefully to find some long-term stability in Hemel:

We group ourselves here as a ‘West Country’ Ordinariate cluster as the priests in the cluster meet together on a regular basis. …

My husband is seconded to the diocese to look after 4 diocesan churches in Cornwall. None of these are sited in areas really seen as suburbs of Plymouth as Plymouth is in Devon and all 4 churches in his parish are across the river from Plymouth!

He and I were received into the Catholic Church together with the Torbay group and for a while he was an assistant pastor to that group while occupying a year’s position as school chaplain in Torbay. He was then asked to look after a diocesan church for a short while in Torbay before we moved in October 2013 for him to take up this current post in Cornwall. We still have a lot to do with the Ordinariate currently and try to get to as many events as we can. I meet up frequently with other Ordinariate laity and the priests plan joint activities together (e.g. conferences and training etc.) at their cluster meetings.

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