New crosses, bells and tabernacle veils for Pembury

Father Ed Tomlinson writes:

13th July:

Today a wonderful parcel arrived in the post containing three splendid veils. One in green, one in white and one in violet. Just what was needed to add the finishing touches to our new tabernacle.

The gift arrived courtesy of Monsignor Andrew Burnham and the parish of St Mary’s Catholic Church in Wantage. The veils had been lying unused in a drawer for some years and are now on loan to us at St. Anselm’s. How very thoughtful. Thank you!


16th July:

11751879_926957560702125_7119071780175681361_nThis morning Father Inlaw visited the parish to help with some odd jobs that needed doing. The first task was to secure our lovely Christus Rex to the narthex wall. It will now greet parishioners as they enter the building.

11693868_10155801881800075_8670867212903118114_nIt was then time to erect the bell which announces Mass each Sunday. Height is all important here- given that the entrance is used by the nursery during the week! Tiny fingers love to ring at every possible opportunity so we placed it just tantalisingly beyond reach…aren’t we cruel?

11737813_10155801881820075_2793787030494220788_nHaving placed the items in the narthex we ventured into the grounds. The disabled parking signs were moved to a better place and a large wooden cross, which I had in storage, was placed on the chapel wall to break it up a bit. This large plain wall is not the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of our building. But the cross helps break it up a bit and we will soon plant some climbing flowers to surround the cross and soften it up. It should then look lovely.

11210497_10155801628760075_3226344238698319043_nFinally we erected the “This week at Saint Anselm’s” notice board outside of the new doors. Here people can keep abreast of what is going on in the parish even if the building is closed. You get a good view of the new entrance doors in this shot which we wanted to be inviting and welcome for visitors.

11755740_10155801584230075_1417196437321267432_nA break for a light lunch now and we return later in the afternoon to put up the display boards in the new hall. Two for the nursery and one for Sunday School.

A huge thank you to handyman Peter. He has certainly earned his beer today. Best break open the piggy bank and head down to the Black Horse before supper…

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One Response to New crosses, bells and tabernacle veils for Pembury

  1. Jeronimo says:

    Great! I’m following closely your improvements and I am really happy for you all.
    Best wishes from Argentina.

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