Fr. Lee Kenyon visits Victoria, B.C.

Father Lee Kenyon, Vicar Forane (aka Dean) of the Ordinariate Deanery of St. John the Baptist, Canada, has combined a pastoral visit to the Ordinariate community in Victoria, British Columbia, with a family holiday and has sent us the following short message and photos:

I am currently on holiday with my family in Victoria, British Columbia, and had the opportunity to attend the Sunday Mass at St Columba’s Church, home to Blessed John Henry Newman, our Ordinariate community here.

The Celebrant was Fr Michael Birch (my predecessor at St John the Evangelist, Calgary 1974-1984), the Deacon was Fr Carl Reid, and the Preacher was Monsignor Peter Wilkinson.

Being summer the congregation was small, but the skilled choir led the singing of the Missa Orbis Factor (in English) and two delightful motets, my favourite being “The Lord is my shepherd” by Maurice Greene.

I attach some photos.

Blessings, Fr Kenyon


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