Visit Walsingham’s revamped website and watch the daily Mass from the Shrine by Livestream

The National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham, “England’s Nazareth”, the only Marian shrine among the great mediaeval pilgrimage destinations, alongside Jerusalem (Christ), Rome (Sts. Peter and Paul) and Santiago de Compostela (St. James), now has a new internet presence, sharing its introductory page with the Anglican Shrine (!), the Priory and the village.

Walsinghan title pageNot only does the Shrine have a new pale blue and beige corporate design but it now has its own media presence, Walsingham Catholic TV. This includes a youtube archive (mostly of the Rector’s homilies), a UStream archive, and a livestream of the daily 12 noon Mass from the Chapel of Reconciliation. The most recent recording is also available to be viewed on demand at the same URL.

12 noon UK time is 1 pm Central European time, 6 am US Central, 7 am US Eastern, 7 pm Australian Western and 10 pm Australian Eastern Time (Australian times will be one hour later after UK clocks go back on 1st November – because of differences in the Northern and Southern hemispheres Australian times vary considerably at certain times of the year).

(P.S. If our Polish readers go to the website today, 10th October, they will see the Polish Annual Pilgrimage to Walsingham!)

(P.P.S. Msgr. Entwistle writes:
“Just a small point about times round the world. 12 noon in the UK is 7-00 pm Western Australian Time and 10 pm eastern time except Qld (9-00 pm) and South Australia (9-30pm). It is complex and as you say when the UK reverts to winter time it will be 8 hrs behind WA.
Mons Harry”)

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2 Responses to Visit Walsingham’s revamped website and watch the daily Mass from the Shrine by Livestream

  1. godfrey1099 says:

    Fantastic! I had no idea that there was such a thing like Polish Pilgrimage to Walsingham!

  2. JosephGolightly says:

    The development project needs your help

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