After the floods Corpus Christi Community in Charleston are finally able to move house

Fr. Patrick Allen writes:

“When through the deep waters I call thee to go, the rivers of woe shall not thee overflow…”

Dear friends,

I hope you have all made it through the deluge and and are drying out. Sacred Heart Church has recovered from the floods, and we are ready to have our first Mass there tomorrow, 11 October (that’s today – Ed.). I’m appending the “notes” I sent last week and hope that you give your full and active participation to the Mass as we begin this new season in our life together!

Sacred Heart CharlestonSee you there!

Fr. Allen

A couple notes:

Be bold! Sacred Heart is a large church, so please be very un-Anglican and sit far forward.

Be loud! Please participate fully by making the responses and reciting the prayers in a clear voice, and in singing the people’s parts of the Mass and the hymns. This will help not only you enter into the mystery of the Mass, but also is a gift to the people of Sacred Heart and visitors who are experiencing our liturgy for the first time.

Be patient! It will no doubt take a little time for us to figure out the best ways to offer our Mass at this altar, and the organist will be learning the Mass as well. I expect there to be some stumbles, mostly my own, but this is how we learn and grow.

Be flexible! Continuing from the last point, Mass in a new place will require some logistical adjustments, and I suspect that hitting upon arrangements that are reverent, conducive to devotion, and reasonably efficient will take a bit of trial and error. There is not (currently) an altar rail at Sacred Heart, which will require, at least in the short term, changes in the way most of us are used to receiving Holy Communion. At least to begin with, I will distribute the Sacred Host from the center aisle, and the chalice bearer will be just beside me for those who wish to receive in both kinds. You may of course receive kneeling or standing, on the tongue or in the hand. (I am investigating a moveable altar rail for use at our Masses.)

Be generous! Please make your offering checks to “Corpus Christi,” not to St. Mary’s. We have incurred some significant extra costs with this move as we seek to grow into material self-sufficiency and to participate fully in the life of the Ordinariate, so do please prayerfully consider your financial support of our community.

Be in touch! We have some new contact information:
P.O. Box 430, Charleston SC 29402
843.531.6855 (office phone w/ voice mail; I can still be reached on my mobile at 843.261.4188)

Be connected! We have a new website:

Be joyful evangelists! We are beginning a new and exciting season in our life together, and now is an excellent time to tell your friends about this new work of unity and praise in the Catholic Church and invite them to Mass or to be in touch with me with their questions.

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One Response to After the floods Corpus Christi Community in Charleston are finally able to move house

  1. Viola Hayhurst says:

    As an area founded by Anglican families, I am so happy that “Queen Mary” both literally and figuratively has returned to South Carolina. If only that could be said for the State of Maine, an area founded not only by Anglicans but by the French. Contrary to what you are lead to believe — northern New England was not founded by that so sad, Calvinistic based, Puritan oligarchy that became the very theological foundation of Massachusetts and southern New England !

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