At long last – here is the current Ordinariate Observer in digital form

Over a week ago I received my print copy of Fall 2015’s The Ordinariate Observer from Houston, but we had to wait patiently for the magazine to be available to read online. Well, we don’t need to wait anymore! Here is the magnificently produced Volume 2 Number 2 of the magazine of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter:

Ordinariate Observer title page Fall 2015

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4 Responses to At long last – here is the current Ordinariate Observer in digital form

  1. Michael Dorner says:

    The format, ISSU or whatever they call it, is difficult to use. It is difficult o move the text around on the screen to enlarge it or to continue to read it. This system is a disaster and electronic documents that are not in PDF I do not bother with. I glanced through the pages and figured that no matter how beautifully it is done, it is more trouble to attempt to read using this program than not to read.

  2. EPMS says:

    I had hoped there would be an update on the structure of the OCSP. Fr Mark Lewis of St Luke’s Washington, DC was appointed Vicar Forane of the Eastern Deanery on March 29 of this year, according to the parish’s Facebook page, and he is identified as “The Very Rev.” on the St Luke’s bulletin, this being the style of a Vicar Forane. But this implies the creation of at least one other deanery, and of this we have heard nothing.

  3. EPMS says:

    Perhaps Fr Hough is so styled as the pastor of the Ordinariate’s principal church (like the dean of a cathedral). Or perhaps there is indeed a “Southern Deanery” of which we have yet to hear. Apropos of terminology in the Ordinariate Observer, I note that St Michael and All Angels, Denison, TX is referred to as a “parish” although I believe its membership is about 18. St Margaret of Scotland, Katy, TX, is also called a “parish” although it has yet to hold its first service. So perhaps we should await official announcements before regarding any community as having achieved this status. I also note that we have an update from Fr Gonzalez y Perez which sheds (indirect) light on the status of the community in Flushing, NY which interested us for some time. Clearly if Fr Gonzalez y Perez is assisting Fr Doran in a Brooklyn deanery he is not working with the former Episcopalians in a Queens deanery.

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