Within the framework of a planned reorganisation of this blog/website and a probable merger, our comments policy has been reviewed.

From the very beginning Ordinariate Expats decided that because of the nature of this blog as not only a news source but also a vehicle for reflection on the life and mission of the Ordinariates, comments should be allowed and only those comments would be removed or edited which included uncharitable criticism (either of individuals or of the Ordinariates and the Church in General), undue negativism or ideas which run contrary to the Mission of the Ordinariates.

This has often been difficult to manage, as experience has shown that there are basically only two commenters on this site and that they often contradict each other or (in one case) criticise the Ordinariates in such a way that it can appear defeatist.

letter to the editorIt has been decided that we will continue to allow comments, but of a more formal kind, like “Letters to the Editor”, and that these will have to be moderated in each case. This means that for all intents and purposes the dialogue or “chat” nature of this site will unfortunately have to cease.

We hope that you will understand our decision to adopt this new policy and hope that in this way we might encourage those who, in the past, have been reluctant to make comments to give us their reflections and opinions too.


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