Divine Worship Missal presented to Pope Francis

On Wednesday last at the General Ausience on St. Peter’s Square, Archbishop Augustine diNoia OP and Monsignor Steven Lopes of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, together with Pierpaolo Finaldi of the Catholic Truth Society, were able to present Pope Francis with his own personal copy of Divine Worship: The Missal, the new Mass book for the Personal Ordinariates.

Arch diNoia presents Missal to Pope 20151118On this occasion Father Ed Tomlinson writes on his blog:

Those of us who are members of the Ordinariate are extremely fortunate. For we find ourselves at the heart of a new and exciting chapter in the life of the Universal church. Our mission; to live out the ecumenical vision as we breathe life into an Anglican Patrimony; that which is drawn from pre-reformation Sarum rites and all that is good within English spirituality.

To that end we now have our own Customary. This allows the recitation of daily offices with special emphasis given to the story of Catholic England. Much is made of the great English saints. This morning, as now happens every month, I was joined for this fine office by friends from the Anglican church in Pembury. Next month I visit them. And so it is that friendship, trust and reconciliation is building up between us.

This Advent another rich liturgical gift falls into our lap. We now have our own official Ordinariate missal approved and crafted by the Congregation for Divine Worship on behalf of the Vatican. This liturgy is to be known as “Divine Worship”.

As can be seen in the photograph above, at Wednesday’s General Audience the Holy Father was presented with a copy of “Divine Worship: The Missal”. The presentation was made by Archbishop Augustine Di Noia and Monsignor Steven Lopes from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Pierpaolo Finaldi from The Catholic Truth Society in London. Another key moment in the life of the Ordinariate for which I give thanks with all my heart.

God is at work in all of this, of that I am sure, and I remind all who may be watching with interest from Canterbury’s shore that the door is now always open to those who wish to retain an Anglican patrimony whilst living out the Catholic life in unity with Peter. Perhaps one day, please God, this could path the way for complete unity and a healing of ancient reformation wounds in this land.

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