Mgr Newton visits Chichester

Fr Graham Smith, the group pastor of the new Ordinariate group at Chichester, has written to inform us:

Our Ordinary, Monsignor Keith Newton, visited the Chichester Group for the first time on the feast of Christ the King. We celebrated a Solemn High Mass using the Divine Worship Missal. The mass setting was by Martin Shaw.

62 during Mass - the peaceWe were joined by the local Catholic dean and the parish priest of St Richard’s Church which we share with him. Also present were the group pastor of the Eastbourne Group Fr Neil Chatfield and my assistant priest in Chichester Mgr Robert Mercer CR. Our singers were supplemented by a small number from St Agatha’s Ordinariate church in Portsmouth.

79 venerating OLW - Angelus88 Ordinary and fr Graham Smith after MassAltogether 50 priests and people attended the mass which was followed by a reception for Mgr Keith.

105 the reception

This group, which is now eighteen months old and which we have reported about several times, is one of the success stories of the exploratory and church-planting process. We wish them continued good fortune and steady growth and that they may know Christ more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly.

St. Richard of Chichester, pray for them.
Our Lady of Walsingham. pray for them.

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One Response to Mgr Newton visits Chichester

  1. EPMS says:

    “Church planting” definitely looks like the way forward, both in the US and the UK. In this article on St Mary of the Angels, Los Angeles, John Hepworth mentions in passing that all the other (ACA) congregations which voted to enter the Catholic church have done so: But “gathered” groups may still be started up, as Fr Sellers is doing in Houston.

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