St. Anselm’s, Pembury, now adopts the Divine Worship Mass as the norm

Fr. Ed Tomlinson writes:

Divine Worship is here to stay

Over the last few months we have been using Divine Worship, the new liturgy designed for the Ordinariates. It has been celebrated every Saturday at 9am and, more recently, at the 9:15am Sunday Mass too. Most people have been pleased with it or else haven’t noticed much difference! Former Anglicans tend to welcome the return of the Shaw musical settings; cradle Catholics tend to remark on the beauty and solemnity of the prayers. It takes them back to the Catholicism of their childhood, proof that this liturgy is helping connect the modern with the ancient. That being the authentic intention of Vatican II as Pope Benedict often reminded us.

The first week we used it things did not go to plan! We overrun considerably. It didn’t help that it was Antony’s final Mass and he gave us a sumptuous musical feast with all the bells on! But since then we have simplified things and it now runs at the required timescale of 1hr and 15 minutes. Proving a good fit for the 9:15am Mass. And now that it can be celebrated using the new Missal, a thing of beauty in itself, it adds to the sense of its importance in the life of the Ordinariate.

How could we ignore it and maintain integrity? It is not every day the Universal Church calls you to pioneer a new liturgy that you might reflect an authentic English spirituality and live out the call to Catholic unity! Naturally then we wish to be at the vanguard of blazing this trail. Not least because it affords us a very dignified and reverent means of celebrating Mass. In many ways it serves as a bridge, the best of two worlds, offering the accessibility of the Novus Ordo alongside the rich ceremonial of the Extra-ordinary form.

It has been decided, therefore, that Divine Worship will now become the norm at the 9:15am Sunday Mass; the Novus Ordo remaining the norm at 11am. Of course everyone is welcome at all celebrations for we are members together of the one Latin Rite, the same parish family living in communion with the Holy See. And that is where the magic of being part of the Ordinatiate is to be found. We have a distinct mission and charism but we are very much part of the whole. Proud to be serving the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

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One Response to St. Anselm’s, Pembury, now adopts the Divine Worship Mass as the norm

  1. EPMS says:

    “How could we ignore it and maintain integrity?” This is presented as a question whose answer is self-evident, yet the majority of OOLW parishes apparently do not see any problem with ignoring Divine Worship. What are the arguments on the other side?

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