New developments at St. Anselm’s, Pembury

Fr. Ed Tomlinson reports:

Gifts for St. Anselm

12390887_10156337746100075_8091900459589653544_nThe church is looking magnificent. Trees in stereo this year! Our services have gone well and the children were just wonderful in the Nativity 2015.

10338308_10156338182455075_6929722661384576011_nThis year has also seen four gifts presented to the church. First some gorgeous new matching backdrops now situated behind the image of Our Lady and the Sacred Heart. Huge thanks to the Hoare family who crafted and donated them to us.

1937193_10156340693045075_8993138410651211373_nHere we see Joe and Chris putting them up which was no small feat. We are lucky that they are both professionals, the family having worked in the antiques and interior decoration trade for a great many years.

12391842_10156340684995075_1379941661753237812_nThe other gift to the parish comes from many people. During the autumn we had a basket out to raise funds for new storage units in the hall. This ensures the preschool equipment can be put away and it also provides the Sunday School, and other groups, with space to put their things. How fantastic to have them built.

10013749_10156340685155075_1176811166668599874_nThe new hall storage meant that we no longer have to store chairs and tables in the rear of the church itself. And that freed up the space for the creation of our tiny chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham. Here an image of her is found, along with that of Blessed John Henry Newman. The relic of Blessed Dominic Barberi resides in the altar. This space encapsulates the Ordinariate vision and is perfect for daily mass and the recitation of the offices.

10302037_10156340685095075_792051848662133679_n-225x300554859_10156337754470075_7120717886905369484_nAnd the servers have reason to cheer this Christmastide thanks to a donation to the parish which affords them new pews. They are of good quality and add to the beauty of the evolving sanctuary.

996740_10156340685010075_2464473999090900212_nSo many blessings for us as a parish this last year. So much to be thankful for as we ponder our growth in number and the feeling of being settled and happy together. God is good and he is clearly at work amongst us at this time. A blessed and happy Christmas to all our readers. We end with a picture of our crib situated in our other chapel, now dedicated to the Sacred Heart, to distinguish it.

12391417_10156337746125075_3090412311690782360_n-1Three working altars in St. Anselm’s. Nobody would have predicted that five years ago!

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