Some normalcy returns to Rochester

The new pastor, Father Jason Catania, has been in Rochester, N.Y., since the beginning of January and the Ordinariate Fellowship of Saint Alban is slowly returning to some sort of normal routine.

They have shared the following video of the Byrd Sanctus from last Sunday’s Mass

as well as this photo of the mothers and children from the Fellowship – the future of the Ordinariate:

Rochester NY mothers and children

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One Response to Some normalcy returns to Rochester

  1. EPMS says:

    The St Alban’s Fellowship had a mass once a month for much of 2015. That is the “normal routine” for many groups in the OOLW. I am happy that they now have a full-time priest. But I am still confused by the abrupt end of pastoral oversight of the St Edmund’s Sodality in Kitchener, where weekly celebrations ended apparently without notice on November 30. I realise that in an environment of scarce resources there are winners and losers but one expects that the optics, at least, will be a little gentler in the Church than in the corporate world.

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