St. Anselm’s, Pembury, receives gift of confessional

Fr. Ed Tomlinson writes:

A gift has arrived

Yesterday, 5th February, thanks to the generosity of a benefactor, a confessional arrived in church in time for Lent. This is the perfect addition to any worship space in this Year of Mercy. For there can be no true or lasting mercy without justice.

Pembury - new confessional 1Awareness of sin, repentance, amendment of life; these are crucial aspects on the road to discovering God’s mercy. Remove them and all you have left is a culture of permissiveness; the refusal to accept the reality of sin and its terrible effect. And that was the laissez-faire approach to mercy that lay at the heart of the shockingly poor handling of the abuse crisis in the 70’s and 80’s. We need to do much better in this year of mercy reminding people that confession is its corner stone.

Pembury - new confessional 2The new confessional, tucked away in a secluded corner of the Sacred Heart Chapel, ensures that the sacrament of reconciliation now has a physical presence in this church. A solid reminder of our need to embrace weaknesses in life and bring them to God for healing. A place where sins can be nailed to the cross that we might receive the mercy that comes from the Lord. There is nothing as joyfully liberating in this life as the experience of a good confession sincerely made.

Members of the congregation are reminded that this item of ecclesial furniture is not for decoration! Confessions take place from 6 – 7 pm every Wednesday evening and by appointment.

What a great day for our church. Once again a gift, lovingly given and no longer needed elsewhere, fits perfectly in with the style of our renovation. It is almost as if the hand of God is with us as we continue to move forward in faith! We have much to be thankful for.

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