Sister Wendy Renate RIP

Sr Wendy Renate and OLW June 2015It is with a sense of shock and profound regret that we must report the unexpected death of  Sister Wendy Renate, a member of the Ordinariate Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation based in Walsingham. Of your charity please pray for the rep0se of her soul.

Sister Wendy was for many years a member of the Anglican Society of St Margaret at Walsingham, before becoming one of the first three lay people to be received into the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham on January 1st 2011. Her prayers and those of her fellow sisters were a great support to all the people who would later that year make the decision to come into the Ordinariate themselves.

Sister Wendy, along with Sister Jane Louise, later returned to Walsingham to work at the Catholic Shrine, in Sister Wendy’s case as one of the sacristans.

Sr Wendy will be sorely missed by all members of the Ordinariate, by all those who knew her from her days at the Anglican Shrine and by the family of the Catholic Shrine and especially by Sister Jane Louise who we keep especially in our prayers.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for her;  St Margaret, pray for her;  Blessed John Henry Newman, pray for her.   May she rest in peace.

Sister Wendy’s funeral will take place on Friday 15th April

12 noon Funeral Mass – Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation, Catholic Shrine, Walsingham

1:30pm  Lunch               – Elmham House

4pm       Cremation        – Kings Lynn

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