New Ordinariate community in Missouri

By now we have become quite used to Mr. Shane Schaetzel being the lone Ordinariate Catholic in the Ozarks.

Well, in the meantime there is a new Ordinariate internet presence in Springfield, Missouri: St. George’s Catholic Church. There is also a new facebook page.

The website tells the following story:

Our particular community was initiated in 2010 by Mr. Shane Schaetzel, a convert to the Catholic Church from Anglicanism, with the approval and blessing of Bishop James V. Johnston. Evening Prayer (according to Divine Worship) began at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Springfield that year with the assistance of Mr. Kevin Combs, a cradle Catholic with a special attachment to the Anglican Patrimony. On June 12, 2012, Father Lewis Hejna welcomed our us to Immaculate Conception Church for regular prayer meetings. In 2014 our community was formerly incorporated into the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. That same year we began quarterly celebration of mass according to Divine Worship. In June of 2015 our community was formally named Saint George and we began catechesis for those seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. In May of 2016 we will be established as a regular Catholic Church in Republic, Missouri, just outside of Springfield.

On March 14th a special Divine Worship Mass was celebrated by Fr. Chori Seraiah at Immaculate Conception Church in Springfield, Missouri. This reception service included multiple baptisms and confirmations.

Here are some photos of the reception mass:

St. George Springfield Mo 2St. George Springfield Mo 1St. George Springfield Mo 1aSt. George Springfield Mo 4

Fr. Chori has now been appointed pastor to St. George’s and he will be moving to the area with his family this May. At that time they will begin weekly mass.

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6 Responses to New Ordinariate community in Missouri


    How wonderful is that, congratulations to all concerned. Blessings, Fr. Bill H. (Australia)

  2. Viola Hayhurst says:

    I see that our “Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Priory” located in Raymond, ME had been included by Shane Schaetzel as a potential Ordinariate community….here. If I may update. YES the Priory would have proven itself to have been an excellent seed to bring the Ordinariate into the State of Maine but its Prior sending his paper work immediately into the Ordinariate to begin this process —- was refused. I suppose that even though he is a brilliant Anglican scholar but coming into his Anglican mission as already a Confirmed Catholic…. he could not make the “technical cut”.

    Furthermore, a recent intercession by his brilliant Roman Catholic friend, mentor and Scholar unfortunately did not make any difference in this outcome. I often wonder how many others are in his situation – but he comes far above the most — and did not as well make the cut? Father Kevin … meanwhile enjoys a … mostly on-line community of followers — Roman Catholic, Anglican and the lot with which he shares his beautiful weekly meditations as he cares as well for those animals entrusted in his care.

  3. EPMS says:

    Fr Seraiah had his share of trials, including being rector of an ACA parish which ultimately rejected the Ordinariate, and spending several years in diocesan ministry, before finally having an opportunity to lead an OCSP group. Gerard Trinque, having been rejected for ordination, continues to lead the Ordinariate Catholics of Christ the King, Tyendinaga with the sacramental assistance of a priest from the local diocese. I think the point is the mission, not whether one gets one’s first choice of role in that mission.

  4. Becky says:

    Before officially beginning his move toward Roman Catholicism, Fr. Seraiah was in Abingdon, Virginia. While in Abingdon, he was the pastor of a small parish called “Christ Church”, located in a strip mall, which was a part of the Reformed Episcopal Church. The families who went there were mostly people who’d moved to the area a few years or so prior in order to join Saint Peter Presbyterian Church, which was under the pastoral care of R.C. Sproul Jr. and Laurence Windham (before they were defrocked). Sproul Jr. is the son of a well known theologian in evangelical Calvinist Christianity, R.C. Sr.

    Though he grew more and more “Anglo-Catholic”, Fr. Seraiah was a long time fan of Christian Reconstructionism, the thought of R.J. Rushdoony, patriarchy (think “Vision Forum”, “federal headship”, “courtship” as opposed to dating), etc. He inherited a big mess there in Abingdon, which more or less blew up in his face, causing him to reexamine his Protestant presuppositions (Sola Scriptura, Leo XIII on Anglican “holy orders”, etc). Some of the families that went to Saint Peter would become Eastern Orthodox, but that was not to be for Fr. Seraiah.

    He had two blogs, “Declaring the Whole Counsel” and “The Maccabean”, both of which he recently shut down. …

  5. EPMS says:

    The regular Sunday mass time has just been announced here

  6. EPMS says: Many new photos here of St George’s worship space, the grounds of the former retreat house where they meet (including plans for a Marian grotto), and a set of icons donated to the group.

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