Another major blow for the Fellowship of St. Alban, Rochester, N.Y.

Father Jason Catania has been group pastor of the Fellowship of Saint Alban in Rochester for all of three and a half months until last Saturday he announced to his community that he will be leaving them again at the end of this month to take over an assignment in Omaha, Nebraska. Here is the eMail which he subsequently wrote:

Dear members and friends of St. Alban’s,

Sung Mass according to the Ordinariate Use will once again be celebrated this Saturday evening at 5 pm for the Third Sunday of Easter at Good Shepherd Church in Henrietta. The bulletin for the liturgy can be viewed here. Confessions will be heard for twenty minutes prior to the Mass, and afterward, everyone is invited to the Wegman’s Cafe on Calkins Road for food and fellowship.

Those who were not present for Mass last Saturday may not be aware that I announced that I have received a new assignment from the Ordinariate beginning May 9. I will be moving to Nebraska, where I will be temporary administrator of a diocesan parish in the Archdiocese of Omaha until the end of June. Beginning July 1, I expect to serve communities in the city of Omaha.

I realize that my departure from Rochester will be a disappointment to many. This is especially the case for members of the Fellowship of St. Alban, who had hoped that I would remain here permanently and help provide this community with much-needed stability. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond the control of any of us have made it impossible for me to remain here. However, I continue to have the utmost confidence that Bishop Lopes will do everything in his power to provide this community with appropriate priestly leadership that it might fulfill the considerable potential I believe it to have.

My final Mass for St. Alban’s will be on Saturday, April 30. I ask your prayers as I prepare for the start this new ministry, but especially for the Fellowship of St. Alban as it faces a period of uncertainty and change.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Jason Catania

This will be the fourth posting for Fr. Catania in less than 18 months which, whatever the “circumstances beyond the control of any of us (which) have made it impossible for him to remain” is very frustrating for the communities involved (in Kitchener, Ontario, and Rochester, New York), to say the least. We hope and pray that a permanent solution can soon be found for both of these Ordinariate groups and naturally wish Fr. Catania some stability himself in Omaha.

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9 Responses to Another major blow for the Fellowship of St. Alban, Rochester, N.Y.

  1. Paul Nicholls says:

    We, at the Sodality of the Good Shepherd, Oshawa will pray for these struggling communities in the hope that a solution may be found to this problem. Fortunately, with our priest’s improved health, there is a good degree of stability in our community, at the moment.

  2. Paul Nicholls says:

    I just wish to add that a number of candidates in the Canadian deanery were rejected from ordination due to the fact they didn’t have a community. Maybe, it’s about time to re-visit this issue when a number of communities lack pastoral care.

    • EPMS says:

      But there are currently many OCSP priests without communities: some in military chaplaincy or diocesan ministry, some teaching, some apparently unassigned. I count at least fifteen men in this situation. The issue is not a manpower shortage, it’s a shortage of other resources, like housing and stipendiary assignments. A community with, say, a dozen members is not generally in a position to bring in a priest unless they have the co-operation of the local diocese to help them provide these things.

  3. EPMS says:

    R Catania is pictured here on the Facebook page of St Barnabas, Omaha
    He appears to be the deacon at the high mass this past Sunday.

  4. EPMS says:

    The pastor’s column “Points of Ellipses” in this bulletin from Holy Trinity, Hartington in the Archdiocese of Omaha brings us right up to date on Fr Catania’s plans there.

    • EPMS says:

      As the link is now to a new bulletin perhaps I can summarize the previous contents: Fr Catania is assisting at Holy Trinity, Hartington, NE while the pastor prepares to take on a new assignment, and takes a brief vacation with Bp Lopes. As of July 1 Fr Catania will be assigned to the Ordinariate parish of St Barnabas, Omaha.

  5. godfrey1099 says:

    Fortunately, as reported by Fr. Stainbrook, there will be at least temporary relief to St.Alban’s in the summer:
    “Father John Cornelius and his family will be summering in upstate New York. He will be assisting on Sundays at our Ordinariate Congregation in Rochester.”

  6. EPMS says:

    Fr Cornelius does not appear to have been available to celebrate in Rochester this summer after all. However, as we read here Fr Benedict Soule, O.P. will be celbrating mass for the St Alban’s Fellowship monthly in September, October, and November.

  7. EPMS says:

    While looking up Fr Soule’s whereabouts I noted that he will be delivering a talk on Divine Worship later this month

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