New booklet on the Ordinariate

Fr. Ed Tomlinson of Pembury writes on his blog:

understanding the ordinariate - coverIt was exciting opening mail today to discover that a little booklet I have been working on, on behalf of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham’s media group, has gone to print. You can pre-order copies on the Catholic Truth Website.

Whilst it is nice to be named as the author, the reality is that the booklet is the result of much collaboration with my colleagues and friends. I am especially grateful to Fr. Redvers Harris, our Canon Lawyer, who went through drafts with a fine tooth comb correcting my faults as necessary. Detail not being my thing! Thank you to all others who looked it over, gave advice and helped in any way. It was noted and it is appreciated.

Please, please do buy lots of copies of this little booklet and hand them to people you know. Hand them to Anglicans who might be interested in learning more about this work of unity. Hand them to those friendly to our mission within the Catholic Church. And hand them, especially, to those uncertain or hostile to us! For there are many who still haven’t fully understood the vision of Pope Benedict and this booklet is aimed at clearing up misunderstandings and laying out the vision with pride. All sorts of practical questions are posed and then answered. Order copies for your parish today…

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