New Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham opens soon in Retreat Centre in Orange County, California

We are grateful to EPMS, who has drawn our attention to the following great news:

Walsingham Way

The Santiago Retreat Center in Silverado, California, is a Catholic-Christian retreat center in the Cleveland National Forest with hundreds of acres of untouched California landscape which provides a beautiful rustic venue for private events, retreats, summer camps, Stations of the Cross, outdoor education, conferences, and other activities. Santiago Retreat Center also conducts exciting Catholic camps for youth, including a Vacation Bible Camp; Girls Summer Camp; Camp El Camino; and Family Camp as well as organized group hikes on Good Friday to walk the Stations of the Cross.

santiago retreat centerWhen the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter began in 2012, a partnership began with Santiago Retreat Center due to their similar commitment to evangelism and cultural renewal.

Starting in the Summer of 2016, renovation work will begin to expand the current Rosary Chapel at Santiago Retreat Center in both size and beauty. The goal is to comfortably seat one hundred people whilst having the ability to hold a solemn high mass, for the Annual Pilgrimages, and to orient the chapel in a neo-gothic interior that blends elements of traditional English Catholic spirituality with a Spanish mission exterior as a nod to the Spanish Franciscans who named Santiago Canyon on July 25, 1769, during the Portola Expedition.

The completed chapel will be consecrated by Bp. Steven Lopes and named the Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Walsingham - RC statue_our_lady (portable with flowers)Our Lady of Walsingham is the English-speaking world’s apparition, in a way like Lourdes is for the French or Guadalupe is for the Spanish. At the heart of it is the conversion of England (Mary’s Dowry) and, by virtue, the English-speaking world. We pray for the conversion of America, and California in particular, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title Our Lady of Walsingham.

The chapel will ultimately provide Sunday and weekday masses to serve the English speakers who camp and retreat at Santiago Retreat Center. In addition, an annual Pilgrimage and Festival for Our Lady of Walsingham in May will be planned. Masses are currently in the Roman Rite but will switch to the Anglican Use in July 2016.

As the Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham it is under the oversight of Blessed John Henry Newman Ordinariate parish, the Blessed Sacrament will be perpetually reserved and normal parish functions will occur under the direction of Ordinariate priests. The drive to the chapel from the parish’s regular place of worship at Queen of Life Chapel, Irvine, is only some 25 minutes by car.


Sundays coming soon
Mondays & Thursdays 11:30AM

The Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham, Santiago Retreat Center, 27100 Baker Canyon Road, Silverado, CA 92676

Irvine to Santiago Retreat Center

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One Response to New Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham opens soon in Retreat Centre in Orange County, California

  1. EPMS says:

    Glenn Baaten, to be ordained deacon in the OCSP the end of the month, is Director of Facilities at Santiago Retreat Center.

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