Priestly ordinations in the UK

Fr Mike Halsall Ordination_1On Saturday 14th May, at the request of Mgr. Newton, Bishop Alan Williams of Brentwood ordained Deacon Michael Halsall to the sacred priesthood. The ordination took place at St Peter, Eastwood, Southend, where Fr Halsall will serve alongside the parish priest Fr Jeff Woolnough, also a priest of the Ordinariate.


fr michael halsall 2fr michael halsall 3

P.S. Deacon Michael Hart of Wales was due to be ordained priest a fortnight earlier, but due to a nasty accident requiring his hospitalisation the ordination had to be postponed.

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One Response to Priestly ordinations in the UK

  1. EPMS says:

    Most of us have been connected to a diocese where ordinations take place at the same time every year, usually in the spring. It’s a festive time in diocesan life. It underlines the continuity of the Church. Now the OCSP has decided to follow this pattern, with ordinations to the priesthood to take place annually on the Feast of St Peter and St Paul. Perhaps this is only possible when the Ordinary is able to ordain his own candidates, but it certainly seems an improvement over the random announcements we currently get, which among other things leave us vague about how well the Ordinariates are maintaining the necessary complement of clergy.

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