The Portal – June 2016

The June 2016 issue of THE PORTAL magazine is now available online.

To read THE PORTAL, click on the front page photo below, then on the tab “Read THE PORTAL”.

The Portal - Jun 2016

In this issue:

  • Joanna Bogle visits Darlington
  • Snapdragon finds Ordinariate distinctiveness
  • Fr Ian Hellyer sees dangers to true ecumenism
  • meet an Ordinariate Area Co-ordinator
  • ‘Lamentations & other sacred music’
  • The Holy House of Loreto
  • Christopher Smith on “In quires & places where they sing”
  • the St Winefride Pilgrimage
  • Walsingham Youth 2000
  • Fr Julian Green on The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Aid to the Church in Need
  • Patrimony – Use – Rite – Church
  • Prison Ministry
  • Geoffrey Kirk asks “Brexit or Remain?”
    . . . and much more.

You will also find all previous issues of THE PORTAL on the Archive Page

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5 Responses to The Portal – June 2016

  1. EPMS says:

    I was about to express gratitude for the wonderfully predictable arrival of The Portal compared to the rare and erratic appearance of the periodical of another Ordinariate which shall remain nameless when I noticed that the visit to Gainford, splendid as it no doubt was, is being reported on yet again. This recycling of old news IS all too reminiscent of the OOWSRN. On a brighter note, in the midst of an account of the work of the Area Co-ordinator which is otherwise a model of English self-deprecating non-statement, the interviewee notes that a very disparate group of newcomers has found its way to the Ordinariate locally, having nothing in common except the reliance on the internet. This is a message which cannot be repeated too often.

  2. godfrey1099 says:

    Actually, that’s very poor timing on your part to complain about “the periodical of another Ordinariate”, as the new Observer has just been published (at and it is a mine of information.
    For me, the highlights are that there are four celibate vocations + two married ex-Anglican priests in the pipeline (apart from three transient deacons) and that as much as two thirds of the Bishop’s appeal had been raised by the end of April.

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You wrote: For me, the highlights are that there are four celibate vocations + two married ex-Anglican priests in the pipeline…

      Yes, that’s really major news! I was about to comment on the same item, but you beat me to it. Unfortunately, that’s more vocations “in the pipeline” than some dioceses!

      I was also intrigued by the item about the restructuring of the ordinariate’s vocation office.


  3. EPMS says:

    I’m sure the fundraising campaign was considerably closer to its goal when the campaign closed its public phase at the end of May. No doubt we will find out—in October.

  4. EPMS says:

    To enlarge on my previous remarks: some of the events reported on in the latest Observer took place last September, November, and December—well before the appearance of the previous issue at the end of January. And most had been reported on extensively elsewhere, including even the OCSP website and Facebook page in some instances. Apart from enshrining a few events or announcements of Ordinariate-wide significance in hard copy, I think the Observer would do better to forego any primary function as a relayer of “current events” and instead focus on background pieces, analyses, interviews—the sort of thing that Facebook and Sunday bulletins can’t provide.

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