“Architects of Communion” – a Guide for Parish Development

Bishop Lopes has promulgated a document entitled ” Architects of Communion – Guide for Parish Development”, which, among other things, fixes the sizes for communities, missions and parishes in the North American Ordinariate.

To read the document, just click on the title below:

Architects of Communion - title

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3 Responses to “Architects of Communion” – a Guide for Parish Development

  1. EPMS says:

    Presumably a couple with four young children counts as one family, three older couples count as three families, and six people on their own represent six families. Given the demographic of the OCSP, and the fact that it will be a very long time before it becomes a jurisdiction in which the majority of its members have been so since birth, the idea of using the number of “families” as a criterion of community size/stability seems flawed.

    • Rev22:17 says:


      The use of families is a necessary criterion. There are some communities in which the pastor or prospective pastor has eight or more minor children. Surely that should not be sufficient to constitute a “community in formation” by itself.

      Actually, I think that the prescribed number of members should count only adults — in which case the count of families would be moot.


      • EPMS says:

        I think the use of “families” or “households” is a hold-over from mainstream Catholic practice, as we see here in this report http://www.archkck.org/document.doc?id=207 or this one http://cara.georgetown.edu/CARAServices/Parishes%20Phase%20One.pdf According to the latter report , in an average parish if we compare the number of households to the number of members (adults and children) we get a typical household size of 2.2, and we see that ASA is about 38% of total membership, although of course not all attendees are members. Maybe this applies equally to OCSP parishes, but it is my sense that groups only move towards statistical norms once they achieve a size that is also close to average. Since the average number of registered parishioners in a US Catholic parish is over 3,000 the OCSP is not in this category.

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