St. George’s Catholic Church in Republic, Missouri, celebrates first mass

The newest community of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter has announced the following on its facebook page:

Success! We had 27 people at our first mass in Republic today (June 5). St. George is open for business! The City of Republic now has a Catholic Church!

This first mass took place in St. George’s new home, the “Little Portion” or Porziuncula, a former Franciscan Retreat Centre, named after the small chapel in Assisi, which became the home of the Franciscan Order in the 13th Century.


Concerning the Little Portion Chapel the facebook site reports:

The new chapel is very small, very humble, and a bit stark at this time. Please understand we are starting from the ground up. Unfortunately, we are NOT handicap accessible at this time. It’s on our to-do list, but we must wait for the funds first.

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2 Responses to St. George’s Catholic Church in Republic, Missouri, celebrates first mass

  1. EPMS says:

    I am not sure it is accurate to call this a new community, although the dedication is new. But as the Anglican Ordinariate Society of the Ozarks they have been meeting quarterly for mass celebrated by Fr Bolin, who is still pictured on the website, since 2014 and before that for Evening Prayer once a month under Mr Schaetzel’s leadership. Apparently about 24 people attended the first mass in 2014, a number similar to the turnout on June 5. Of course a weekly celebration and a resident priest offer opportunity for further growth.

  2. EPMS says:

    Shane Schaetzel gives extensive background here in his personal blog
    which includes a link to Fr Seraiah’s blog, where we learn that he has taken on responsibility for two diocesan parishes in addition to St George’s. Lest we think that married priests are slackers!

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