Regular Ordinariate Mass in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Father Stephen Hill OLSC has announced:

Breaking News!
Sunday Ordinariate Mass to be offered in Newcastle.

Mass according to Divine Worship – the Ordinariate form of the Mass – will be offered on the second Sunday of the month at 11:30am, commencing on the 14th August. Mass will be offered at St Columban’s Catholic Church, Church St, Mayfield, the diocesan church where Father Stephen is Associate Priest and where he lives in the presbytery.

St Columban's Mayfield NSWIf these masses are well supported by the people of Newcastle and the Hunter, it is likely they will be held weekly in the not too distant future.

All Catholics are welcome to attend Mass within the Ordinariate, and meet their Sunday obligation by doing so.

Our tradition is noted for reverence and beauty in worship, sacred music, sacral English and Gospel preaching.

Catholics who are looking for a more traditional offering of Holy Mass are encouraged to support this new venture within Newcastle.

St Columban's Mayfield NSW - interior - Ausschnitt

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3 Responses to Regular Ordinariate Mass in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

  1. Fr. William Patrick Hannigan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Fr. Stephen, may all go well with your work within the Ordinariate within The Newcastle Hunter region. May the Holy Spirit be with you in your ministry. Blessings, Fr. Bill H.

  2. Warren says:

    May the Ordinariate flourish in Newcastle, NSW!
    —from a former attendee of the Ordinary Form who—thanks be to God for the blessing of the reverent and beautiful Liturgy of the Ordinariate—now attends the Ordinariate Mass in Victoria, BC, Canada (i.e., the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman).

  3. Joe says:

    I wish we were this blessed in Newcastle upon Tyne, England !!!!!!!!!!

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