The Portal – September 2016

This month’s issue of The Portal magazine is now available online. To access the homepage just click on the front-page photo below, then on the tab “Read The Portal”.

The Portal - Sep 2016

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3 Responses to The Portal – September 2016

  1. EPMS says:

    In the article discussing Damian Thompson’s piece and Fr Tomlinson’s response (“The Ordinariate Mk II”) the Portal editors single out the fact that the OOLW has not been given a church by any local diocese as a prime example of obstructionism in the mainstream Church. Neither, of course, have either of the other two Ordinariates been “given” a building, although two OCSP groups have negotiated the purchase of closed Catholic churches.

    Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory is effectively under OOLW control, but presumably the archdiocese of Westminster handles insurance and expenses related to the physical plant. It seems an ideal arrangement for an organisation with very limited resources. Financial concerns related to church property seem to occupy a lot of Fr Bergman’s time at St Thomas More, Scranton, and while only minor upgrades and volunteer maintenance have been required so far at St John the Baptist, Bridgeport, anyone who has attended an older church knows that expensive repairs can become necessary with little notice, especially in a building, like a church slated for closure, whose upkeep has been skimped on in the past.

    • Our Lady of Walsingham Cathedral in Houston was handed over by the diocese for a token price (only $10 if I am not mistaken). And I am not aware of the details of the ownership of St. Mary the Virgin, Arlington, Texas, which was brought into the diocese by the ex-Anglican parish.

      Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gregory in Warwick Street is a diocesan parish, like many other churches under Ordinariate leadership in the UK.

  2. EPMS says:

    Yes, the churches you mentioned belonged to their respective dioceses, but they were built relatively recently with money raised by the members of the (then) Pastoral Provision parishes, including in the case of OLW a donation of a million dollars from one parishioner. Although technically diocesan property it would seem unlikely that the respective diocese would have asked the parishioners to buy the buildings for itheir current cash value under those circumstances. The writers I cited are talking about the gift of a surplus church with which the Ordinariate congregation would have had no prior connection.

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