Father Matthew Venuti retires for medical reasons

fr-matthew-venutiIn May 2014 we reported that Fr. Matthew Venuti of St Gregory the Great Ordinariate Community in Mobile, AL, suffered a severe heart attack. He was very fortunate in being restored to satisfactory health relatively quickly so that in September of the same year he was able to be appointed Parish Administrator of St. Joan of Arc diocesan Catholic Parish.

Sadly Father Venuti was taken ill again in the spring of this year and it has now been announced that as of September 16th he has retired from his post as administrator for medical reasons. There will, however, continue to be a monthly Divine Worship Mass for St. Gregory’s (although this was reduced from a regular weekly Mass some time ago).

We ask you all to continue to pray for Father Venuti and his family as well as for the St Gregory the Great community.

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2 Responses to Father Matthew Venuti retires for medical reasons

  1. EPMS says:

    Updated information about The St Gregory the Great Community and Fr Venuti http://www.stgregorymobile.org/leadership

    • Rev22:17 says:


      This arrangement for pastoral leadership and sacramental ministry obviously is very unusual, but appears to be workable.


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