The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict join the Ordinariate in Canada

arms-of-companions-of-the-order-of-st-benedict-csp-ordinariateThe Companions of the Order of St. Benedict (OSBCn) are a small community of  Benedictines of the Anglican tradition who have now become full members of the One Holy Catholic Church under the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. During this time of transition they are currently a Private Association of the Faithful in discernment but hope, in time, to be recognised as a Public Association of the Faithful and perhaps an Association of Apostolic Life.

The group is based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, at Charles House and Ferrar House, where they provide for an urban expression of Benedictine spirituality. The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict currently include two Brothers and one Sister. They have five Oblates and a number of supporters known as Friends. Brothers and Sisters make permanent or temporary promises (of up to five years). This means that the Benedictine life is first in their lives and they are fully committed to the Benedictine disciplines and the community. Members are celibate but do not necessarily live in common.

The community is one of prayer and contemplation with a special emphasis on hospitality. They gather in support of a local parish and encourage the living out of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, adapted for the non-cloistered life, by faithful people from all walks of life.

Members promise stability, obedience and conversatio morum (conversion of life by living according to the Rule). As Benedictines, they strive to live in harmony with God and each other by finding the balance between prayer, work and study and by placing a special emphasis on hospitality. Benedictines seek God in the ordinary things of life and are known for their respect of others, their devotion to prayer and liturgy, and their stewardship of the resources God provides. The Brothers and Sisters meet in chapter, worship together and come together spiritually several times a day in prayer by praying the Daily Office.

Charles House is the mother house where the Brothers reside. It’s also where tghe monthly chapter meetings take place. Ferrar House is right next door and houses the Sister as well as the retreat house and oratory. The tiny Oratory of the Holyrood is located at Ferrar House and is accessible from the garden. It’s a special place where the Brothers and Sister pray along with any guests that might be staying in the retreat house. “Holyrood” is from the Old English—“rood” meaning “cross”. The community is blessed to house a small fragment of the true cross there. The oratory is currently being renovated as is the retreat house.

This is the third Benedictine institution attached to the Ordinariates: the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Maryvale, Kingstanding, UK; the St Benet Biscop Chapter of Benedictine Oblates, attached to St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA; and now the Companions of the Order of Saint Benedict in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. We are very glad to welcome the Companions of the Order of Ssint Benedict into the Ordinariate family and wish them Godspeed. PAX.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for them.
Saint Benedict, pray for them.

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One Response to The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict join the Ordinariate in Canada

  1. THIS is just wonderful news, PRAISE THE LORD. Bill H.

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