Morning and Evening Prayer online

Until such time as the official Daily Office is available for North America and Australia, a version of Morning and Evening Prayer incorporating as of today, the First Sunday of Advent, the official Lectionary of the Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter is available online at

Here are some excerpts from the website:

Until the Ordinariate Office is approved by the Vatican, we are using the Walsingham Publishing “Morning and Evening Prayer and The 1928 Prayer Book Psalter: Concise Edition”. If you have not purchased a copy (via amazon), you may use the Preview at

It is also possible to participate using a 1928 Book of Common Prayer. A few things said by the officiant are different, and the Lord’s Prayer is deferred to the alternate location. The 28BCP page numbers are also given.

We are using the Lectionary specified in the official Ordo for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. We generally use the 30-day traditional Psalm cycle from the Prayer Book, as permitted by the Ordinariate Lectionary, but we list for reference the alternate Psalm cycle in the Lectionary. We use the Psalms from the Lectionary on Christmas, Epiphany, The Purification, Ash Wednesday, The Annunciation, Good Friday, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whitsunday, Trinity Sunday, The Transfiguration, All Saints, Thanksgiving Day, and the Solemnity of Title or of the Patron of the Place. We may also use the Psalm from the lectionary at other times, especially Saturdays, Sundays, or the 31st day of the month.

This website is a very interesting resource, which will be updated as soon as the official Daily Office is available. It is also worth remembering that the “Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham” has been approved for use in the UK Ordinariate and, as our reader EPMS reminds us, it is “a very handsome volume and quite affordable for those outside the UK as the pound continues to slide”.

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