“Shared Treasure” available online

anglican-use-society-crossAt this Advent Embertide the first issue of “Shared Treasure”, the journal of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society (formerly Anglican Use Society), and successor to “Anglican Embers”, is published.

This first issue is available free of charge online on the ACS website or you can download a pdf version of the journal by clicking here.

This first issue contains:

  • a letter from the President explaining the transformation of the Anglican Use Society into the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society
  • an exchange with Church of England Bishop Tim Thornton of Truro on his C of E perspective on the Anglican Patrimony
  • Fr Scott Anderson OLW on a legal or pastoral understanding of Canon Law
  • Monsignor Mark Langham on the Ordinariates and Realised Ecumenism, a talk given to Ordinariate clergy in London on 12th February 2015
  • Fr Richard Bradford of the Pastoral Provision on the late Father James Parker
  • journal editor C. David Burt on the Generation of St. Louis

Subsequent online issues will be available free of charge to members of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society. All others may purchase an online subscription for US$ 5.00 per annum.

It will also be possible to purchase a print version of Shared Treasure. Individual hard copies cost US$ 10.00 aand an annual subscription can be had for US$ 30.00 (members) or US$ 35.00 (non-members).

Bulk copies (6 minimum) are available at US$ 25.00 per copy per annum.

A subscription form will be found on page 120 of the journal. It will also soon be possible to purchase subscriptions online on the revamped  ACS website., which is still in the process of construction.

The deadline for articles for the Lent Embertide issue of “Shared Treasure”is 1st February 2017.

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One Response to “Shared Treasure” available online

  1. Geoff Jones says:

    I thank Bp Thornton for agreeing to give his thoughts on the matter and it was kind of him to do so.

    But as for his thought, well I must say I found it to be the best argument in a while as to why we need the a Ordinariates. Indeed, he seemed almost careful to define Anglicanism as to deliberately exclude Roman Catholicism and the Ordinariates. Ie, “the only Patrimony worth mentioning is the form of governance which inevitably leads to doctrinal capitulations to the spirit of the age.”

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