Father John Hodgins reports on a visit to Christ the King Ordinariate community at the Chapel Royal, Tyendinaga Mohawk Reservation

On his blog “Peregrinations”, Father John Hodgins of St. Thomas More, Toronto, gives some interesting insight ointo the Mohawk Ordinariate community in Canada. He shows this photograph and writes:

Murray O’Coin, our friend and
candidate to become an
Instituted Acolyte
for sub-diaconal ministry
in the Ordinariate and soon,
we pray, a Deacon,
was our host this week
on the Tyendinaga Reservation.

“Murray took us to the beautifully restored Chapel Royal of Christ Church where he worships every Sunday with a growing Ordinariate community. Mass according to Divine Worship: The Missal is currently celebrated monthly in the Chapel, thus preserving the Mohawk Anglican patrimony within the full communion of the Catholic Church.

The Ordinariate Catholic community of Christ the King has its home in one of the very few Chapels Royal outside of the U.K., marking, in a dramatic way, the unity which is the hope and promise of the Ordinariates around the world.

The community dates to the arrival in Canada of the Mohawk people who were loyal to the Crown during the Revolutionary War in the USA. Mohawks at the time were both Anglican and Catholic and sided with the British against the rebellion in 1776.”

The chancel and sanctuary of the Chapel Royal, Tyendinaga

To read the rest of this blog post and see more beautiful pictures, click on this link.

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